There are also pillows in various sizes and for different purposes. Decorative pillows with and without a border made of polyester and cotton fabrics and knitted fabrics. Decorative sofa cushions always have a removable cover with a zipper and the inner pillow is filled with the highest quality silicone ball. A chair cushion is a cushion with two purposes: sitting comfort and a decorative purpose. That is why we offer chair cushions in one-color as well as multi-colored ones to meet the tastes of each recipient. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the pillow inserts, which we produce under the Natalia Spzoo® brand in all sizes used on the market. The Natalia Spzoo® pillow insert is known to recipients all over the European Union and is everywhere assessed by customers as perfectly fulfilling its role, as evidenced by the fact that both hotels, resorts and individual customers keep coming back to buy our brand's pillow fillings again.