Folding mattress
is a flagship product marked with the Natalia Spzoo brand, easy to clean thanks to the fact that the cover is easily removed. Folding mattresses by Natalia Spzoo are a useful addition to home, hotel and travel, which is also facilitated by a practical mattress bag offered for each mattress size, which is produced by Natalia Spzoo. This product is divided into two basic categories:
mattresses with a headboard
mattresses without a headrest
, the second feature is, of course, the different width of the mattresses. A popular and sought-after product on the market are folding mattresses for travel cots. This mattress is very handy, after folding it is approx. 60x40x14 cm and fits into a small bag, so it is not a problem for people who like to travel with a child.
Children's mattresses
are tested and certified for harmful substances, covers made of skin-friendly cotton fabric.