Pregnancy and nursing pillows. The time of pregnancy is a period with special requirements and needs, especially during sleep or rest, and our croissant-shaped pregnancy pillow is very helpful here, thanks to which choosing the right position during sleep and not only becomes extremely easy. The croissant pillow is light thanks to the special fillings of the highest quality, such as tiny polystyrene filling, such as semolina, and high-quality silicone ball filling. Both fillings have only the proper advantages about which we write about on the page of the nursing pillows and rollers category. After pregnancy, the important role of pregnancy pillows does not end, because they turn into nursing pillows that are indispensable for every mother and child. The feeding pillow with the Natalia Spzoo brand is a guarantee of quality and durability. Each pillow has a removable cover and the inserts inside the 190 cm feeding pillow are equipped with a filling dispensing hole and it is only up to the user whether the pillow will be more or less hard and thus better suited to your needs.