Sako poufs. Comfortable, light and easy-to-clean bags to sit, or otherwise bean bags, have been a product of Natalia Spzoo for many years, the pouffes are filled with the highest quality polystyrene ball. They are made of artificial leather, which allows you to use them both at home and in the garden, and you can clean such a bag or footrest with an ordinary cloth. Little Point pouffes are a proven piece of furniture and a toy in kindergartens, and due to their lightness they are also very safe for children. The Medium Point sitting bag is shaped by the weight of the body and is therefore very comfortable even when you need to sit for a long time, therefore it is suitable for relaxation and work.
Bean baguette
Relax Point is the largest beanbag on offer, it can be used perfectly both for sitting and lying in the garden and at home.